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Send Institute Most Read Articles of 2018 At the Send Institute, we have a goal to provide dependable research, content, and learning communities for church planting leaders as they create more effective church planting strategies for today and tomorrow. Looking back through our articles in 2018, we highlighted missiologists and practitioners who explored topics dealing with
Like you, I’m experiencing and witnessing a cultural revolution in our country in the midst of a global pandemic. As a missiologist, I’ve been researching and writing about what it means to engage in meaningful gospel conversations in a 21st-century secularized context. Eighteen months ago, in an effort to explore the topic of evangelism and
Build Next Year's Reading List Both the culture and the ministry of church planting in North America are in an important time of reformation as indicated by the Church Planting Manifesto released earlier this year. It takes multiple disciplines to fully express how different the cultural climate of 21st century North America is compared to