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We need to rethink three key themes in order to make church planting churches normative in the future: Rethink ecclesiology Rethink complexity Rethink pathways Here’s what I mean. As leaders, we should always be carrying out aggressive assessment under the Spirit’s guidance in order to steward resources at our disposal. The Covid-19 moment provides a

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Send Institute Most Read Articles of 2018 At the Send Institute, we have a goal to provide dependable research, content, and learning communities for church planting leaders as they create more effective church planting strategies for today and tomorrow. Looking back through our articles in 2018, we highlighted missiologists and practitioners who explored topics dealing with

Kingdom Patriotism When we are captivated by the great treasure of Christ and his Kingdom, we’re positioned to winsomely invite others to join us. Perhaps the most insidious error of the church in North America has little to do with liberalism and conservatism, and far more to do…