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We need to rethink three key themes in order to make church planting churches normative in the future: Rethink ecclesiology Rethink complexity Rethink pathways Here’s what I mean. As leaders, we should always be carrying out aggressive assessment under the Spirit’s guidance in order to steward resources at our disposal. The Covid-19 moment provides a

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western city

The myth of a Christian culture continues to set the mind of the Western church at ease. This myth assumes that the West is, or once was, a Christian culture. If the culture is Christian, there is no need to analyze its assumptions or develop a counter-cultural instinct. ~…

Culture changes so quickly that it has proven challenging for the church planting movement. Although we seem to be experiencing a period of stagnation, there is hope on the horizon for massive Kingdom growth if we take the time to get it right. Currently, our greatest area of…