The near-term COVID-19 response presents a challenge and opportunity for today’s church in terms of our mission to provide holistic and locally present engagement in our place. For churches and their leaders to do this well, they must take four key steps: Acquire a biblical framework Analyze the situation Assess History Apply Missional Guardrails Here’s
What does it look like for us to launch decentralized churches once we are past the COVID-crisis? The pandemic has revealed that there is a significant over-reliance on the Sunday gathering in the ways we conceptualize the church. By placing too much emphasis here, we underestimate many of the other aspects of the life of
The ground is shifting under our feet faster than anyone could have anticipated. Church planting and leading models that were common only a month ago suddenly have little application to our current reality. In the midst of such uncertainty, it is hard for leaders to understand how to prepare for the near future. What will
  Purchase Now! Venal Dogmata offers an approachable narrative to give readers a snapshot into the future of the North American church. The author's missiological diagnosis of ten ecclesiastical "glitches" that are keeping the church from thriving in today's post-Christian environment guides the storyline of this book (which are described in his forthcoming North American missiology