Persons also belong to societies, and anthropologists have long noted and studied the social institutions found in every culture. These social institutions together enable a society to grow and thrive but also to dominate and control. The first institution is that of association, which is the systems by which people connect to each other. We
The work of community engagement and organizing has become a crucial skill for church planting teams. During the pandemic, church leaders were faced with not only asking how their churches were doing but also how their communities were doing. Now to consider the theme of Holistic and Locally Present Engagement in the Long-Term, let’s begin with
What does it look like for us to launch decentralized churches once we are past the COVID-crisis? The pandemic has revealed that there is a significant over-reliance on the Sunday gathering in the ways we conceptualize the church. By placing too much emphasis here, we underestimate many of the other aspects of the life of